Let’s talk air quality.

It is we’ll know that it has been a horrible summer for forest fires that have taken homes and disrupted lives. Besides the devastation of the flames themselves, the smoke lingering can also affect us all, sick or not. Those who aren’t affected with immune system impairments often feel the affects, only to a lesser degree.

In my opinion, there are three MAIN areas that help our bodies through each day.

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Sleep

While there are many other important areas to maintain health, these are what our bodies have or need the most of in a day. We need quality sleep, air, and water to help our bodies maintain optimally. If one of these areas are lacking, we need more of the other to balance it out.

Have you noticed after being outside in the smoke that you feel lethargic or have a headache? This is a great example where the air quality is poor and your body is telling you that you need to rest and drink lots of quality water to detox the contaminated air you have just been exposed to.

Thoughts from someone who has experienced this not only from smoke, but perfumes, exhaust, and other chemicals:

1. Remove yourself from the current environment.

If possible, this is the best thing you can do for your health and symptom management. If this is impossible, an air purifier in your home will help. Make sure the purifier has a HEPA filter and if possible a Carbon VOC filter, I use THIS.


2. Stay indoors.

If this is impossible, wear a mask when outdoors. NOTE: A surgical mask will not help you. It needs to have a filter in it. I wear a Respro mask and in the past have even worn an industrial half mask respirator. The key here is the filter, not just a physical barrier.


3. Drink more water!

My body needs a minimum of 10 cups per day, but when the air quality is bad, I drink close to twice as much to reduce headaches and chances of migraines. Water decreases inflammation and helps flush out toxins as quick as possible. NOTE: Filtered water will yield the best results.

No idea how much water you should be drinking? This tool might help give you a ballpark idea: http://bit.ly/2citFj6


4. Supplements.

Activated charcoal or zeolite clay can help with symptoms by binding to the toxins in your body that have been built up from forest fire smoke or synthetic chemical exposure. This has helped me personally more than any medications. Both can usually be found at your local Healthfood store. These can absorb other medications if taken at the same time but that just shows how effective it really is if you ask me! NOTE: I am not a Dr and these recommendations are based on personal experience and research, consulting with your Dr is advised.

5. Rest.

I’ll be honest, I struggle with this one, but listen to your body. The body repairs when you sleep and allows your immune function to run optimally. Increased rest or sleep will help support your body with the toxin overload.


Please take care of yourselves, thank a firefighter, and don’t forget to do the rain dance! 💃 ☔ 🌧

Xox Lex


For more information and video resources, click HERE.