The NYE fundraiser was such an amazing night. The support, love and compassion from local businesses and the whole community was and is unspeakable. ♥

When I got to the hall around 630 I was feeling unwell. I had started to shake and faint by 7 but my love swept me away to take my medicine and wait it out. (One day I hope he can sweep me away just cause rather than out of necessity;)

I was so upset I thought I would never make it to my goal of midnight, but I was determined to make my speech at least.

We sat in the truck waiting for my medicine to kick in and listened to some good country tunes. Had a few tears and a few laughs and I started to recover. 

We made it in the hall and did my presentation almost immediately.  It was incredibly tough fighting tears the entire time and I felt so embarrassed for a moment- struggling to find words. 

When the tears started and my voice cracked, someone from the crowd cheered and helped me catch my breath to be able to continue.

I felt vulnerable and so afraid as I finished my speech waiting for a response from the crowd as the room was filled with silence.

Suddenly, everyone stood up and began yelling and cheering. There was tears and clapping and SO much LOVE. It was then it became real for me that everyone was there for me. They believed in me and cared for me and it made me feel so alive.

My tears for most of the night following were from the overwhelming amount of love and genuine connection and generosity. The feeling is truly indescribable, but I know that it is that energy from the crowd that helped me make my goal of midnight. I made 12:06 actually before fainting from pain and tremors. BUT I made it and I feel so blessed to be able to continue this fight knowing I have so many people cheering for me to get better. Literally cheering.

I cannot thank everyone enough for allowing me to experience that and bringing me so much positive energy and light for a new year of opportunities and wellness. 

Thank you, my heart is so full. 


xo Lex

p.s. happy new year !