How can a sick person go sledding? They’re supposed to be sick, right? Stuck in bed, no?

This may be true for a cold or flu, but not necessarily true for chronic illness.

I’m sick, sicker than most know and I have been for two years now. So let me ask you, would you lie there and be “sick” and watch life pass you by month after month, year after year?

I couldn’t. I can’t. I won’t. Some days I am too weak to function (yesterday I didn’t make 2PM before fainting in the bank and having a Lyme Seizure and proceeded to have another one at midnight), but I get up and get out whenever I can.

Some days I am stronger or have less pain and I can do more, but I’d be lying if I said sledding and physical activities aren’t haaaard. I get incredibly frustrated at my stamina and weakness, but yet I love it. It makes me feel alive when so many days I feel so numb.

Does it come with consequences? Yes, I am reckless as it is and the wear on my body increases inflammation and pain levels to new heights. Buuuut just like my body, my soul needs to be fed and I need to be reminded that through this shit battle, it is all worth it. It’s all about this thing people talk so loosely about called B A L A N C E. (Yah, I’m still trying to figure that one out.)

The good days might be far and few between lately, but they exist and they refuel me to keep trucking day-to-day. I have a life to be lived whenever possible and I refuse to sit back and watch life pass me by entirely. I already feel I miss so much.


P.S. I smiled like a giddy little school girl this whole day.