Two trips to the ER last week and just when I think the worst is over- my legs go out from under me today numb with pain and followed by a bout of vertigo…😩🤢 👎

For anyone that knows me knows I try to avoid emerg at all costs because unfortunately they don’t really understand my condition or Lyme (which I don’t blame them when even my specialists struggle with me), but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. It’s just been a rough go to say the least. (But I did get some visiting in with friends this weekend from Kelowna which was really amazing!)

As always, I am super thankful for my family that has been dealing with my ups and downs; wailing cries of pain and way too short of temper… (I’m so sorry)

I love you all more than words and can’t thank you enough for your help and for sticking by my side.

I can’t wait to look back one day and know that one good thing we can take from all this is how strong it made us. 💕

Here’s to hoping that “one day” comes sooner than later… 🙏