After being denied IVIG (until further specialists) and a crazy 24hr turnaround/last minute booking at Infusio Beverly Hills treatment centre… we finally made it!

So, I’ve made it to the clinic, I’m in good hands, what could possibly go wrong??

(Hello, my name is Lexi Czar and I walk into a room and things just go wrong. 🙋‍♀️)



During the orientation I fainted in the elevator and had a seizure. They ran their protocol and took good care of me, but I was seizing so much I couldn’t attempt my seizure herb at all. I didn’t even know where I was (guess that’s what happens when your only semi conscious for the remainder of the orientation lol).

After 3hrs things settled and when I woke up they had already started my treatment in the massage therapy room because it was the only bed in the place haha. (Poor therapist had to go to another room because I unintentionally stole his for the day.)

It’s all pretty blurry to be honest. I had a lot of extreme nerve pain in my hip, arm, chest, and spine and two more seizures after the first. Thankfully not as long lasting.

I didn’t get to see the Dr until the later afternoon and we didn’t talk much. She basically said she was unsure if they could treat me if this continues, if I even wanted to. I explained that I have exhausted options really other than to continue to wait in Canada and that I just want to be fixed. Even if I have to stay longer or pay more I will find a way and do whatever it takes. (I will power through, it’s just if my body can or not I guess) The doctor is going to see how I do tomorrow in treatment and decide from there.

If you are reading this, thank you. Thank you for caring, loving and supporting me. If I could ask one thing it is that tomorrow I am in your thoughts to help keep me strong to prove to her that both my body and mind can handle this because I want to and I have to. Because I HAVE to get better. Not getting better is not an option.


Thank you so much ♥️♥️♥️




ps here is my super swollen face from my super sensitive allergic to everything body, Dad said I looked like a football, when I asked later if it went down he kinda smirked and said it looked bigger than a football. we laughed.