Week 3

Overall harder than week two, but better than week one. My seizures have increased in frequency again, but are not as long lasting. I am sooo drained from fighting emotionally and physically.

Monday I took my new medication that makes me feel awful AND my herbal anti seizure meds but I still seized through my 10 Pass Ozone therapy and had wicked nerve pain yet again. If you haven’t had nerve pain before the only way I can explain it is when you stub your toe and you get that initial sharp shooting pain down your foot. That’s what neve pain feels like. I think the afternoon got better? I can’t remember… 😬

Tuesday another tough one. After four tries for a vein the nurse told me she had better luck putting IV’s in dead people in the ER lol. I was feeling really off from the meds and not myself.

Wednesday I had a mental breakdown first thing in the AM after a seizure in the waiting room. Turns out the new anti seizure medication I was trying had lactose and corn; two products I haven’t consumed for over two years because of my allergies. This is likely why I was feeling extra worse, I had been on this medication since Friday and my body was in an uproar. I cried so much. I felt so awful I couldn’t think or focus much at all. (Oh and I went for a massage and the masseuses put coconut body wash on me instead of coconut oil, had to laugh about that one haha😅)

Thursday I had two more seizures, even though they are shorter lasting now, I was a little sad. I’m exhausted physically and emotionally. (Despite feeling exhausted I noticed with trips to the bathroom and some movements now I’m less fainty) I ended up having a migraine early in the evening that sent me to bed early but kept me up late into the night with flu like sweats.

Friday I only had two IV bags to get through and a couple treatments. I had two seizures through them and on my next treatment another seizure was starting up so we called it a day and went home early. My body just felt done. Yet when you want the day to be done, another fiasco continues of trying to track down my medications we have been waiting for. So we are driving to Orange County to pickup a special high grade CBD oil to try. (Oh and we are moving out because our landlord increased the price randomly so we move to a new place tomorrow as well. Jerk.) I’m still waiting for my new anti seizure meds to be compounded without allergens (which cost $400usd 😱) because these seizures HAVE to get controlled so I will be able to get my stem cells and come home next weekend. I MISS MY DOG. And everyone else too of course.

I think week four is going to be my week because week three was definitely not.