Stem Cell Day 💉👩🏻‍⚕️

I was so excited to be able to do the procedure finally yet still slightly nervous! I ended up having a seizure just after breakfast and conveniently when it was time to leave for the procedure. Needless to say, we had to leave the house before the seizure had stopped so it was a throw her in the back seat and hope for the best kinda scenario. (It was also the day we took the backroad with excess speed bumps and too many turns.) This all resulted in post seizure delirium and a whole lot of nausea. Basically, I was half passed out, half shaking, half spitting up as I was being wheeled into the OR. (Every docs dream patient I’m sure haha 🤦‍♀️)

After getting an Iv and some anti nausea meds I started to feel a bit better. My bone marrow biopsy (and genetic testing) taught me just how fast I metabolize freezing so we were sure to have extra on board. Part way through I felt some sharp pains down my leg so more freezing was added and we were in the CLEAR. My heart rate stayed steady throughout the procedure and my favourite nurse held my hand and talked me through it.

Due to the damage from my bone marrow biopsy on my right hip we could only collect cells from one hip, so the tissue scraper tool got me pretty good on my left side. It was uncomfortable but tolerable. The tool went into the left of my spine and out to to the edge of my hip back and forth until there was enough tissue collected . Part way through the procedure I asked when the bad pain was going to start but the worst was already over!!! (Stem cell procedure pain 5 bone marrow 500000.) I’m definitely very sore and uncomfortable today but the procedure itself went well. I guess things don’t hurt as much when you’re fully frozen (and further from nerves).

I was bandaged up and moved into another room where I waited for the cells to be be processed. Once they were processed they were put into a syringe that my mom got to give back to me in IV. I’d say it was a pretty exciting time for us all because it had been a long four weeks of daily uncertainty and hard work for my family and I as well as the whole Infusio team. (I think they will all be a little more at ease Monday at work not worrying about me!)

I ended up receiving a total 136,276,800 cells, average was around 100,000,000 so for one hip that’s amazing!!! There was so many happy crying tears after and Dr. Kim said it went very smoothly and she had been hesitant to even do it on me that week because of my complications. BUT, we did it!!!  We celebrated with some photos and then I passed out. Literally. That was it!




P.S. If you would like to see a video on the full process the clinic shows it under 2 minutes here: