Alright. It’s time for a medical update!

Where have I been? What’s my plans?? 

To be honest, upon my escape/release from Ubc hospital in July I just took the time to catch up with living as best I could. Going from 6+ seizures a day to 1-2 was a huge change in functionality for me (from none to some lol)- I could actually do some things without it always resulting in a seizure. 💃💃💃 I felt hopeful for the first time since receiving stem cells and it was very invigorating even for my sick self.

My fun of packaging clothing orders, making my sisters wedding and camping lasted about two weeks before the forest fires smoke took me out again.  There’s was some pretty awful days in there of insane pain and night long seizures, but I have noticed my recovery time (most days) is less and my “up” time is more functional and I was even able to visit friends. My seizures are creeping up again and I seem to be having the occasional one in the am, one in the afternoon, one before bed, and occasionally in the night. However, my nails are growing faster and stronger than they have ever in my life. They are still pitted like golf balls but they are existent which is amazing so I know work is being done behind the scenes! (Go stem cells!)

My MRI’s came back okay. I have a cyst on my brain as well as lesions and another cyst was recently found in my face, all are inactive though which is good news. I have to go back for an MRI in a year, but I’m hoping my stem cells also clear this up! 

So, what changed? How did I get improvement?

Late June I was diagnosed with Powassan Virus (Via blood work after clinical suspicion). This at times fatal virus is known to cause meningitis and encephalitis and is extremely rare, but I have found a girl in AB that is coincidentally my age and struggles with the same virus and seizures as well.

I started the recommended antiviral and after a couple weeks I noticed the change in my seizures right around the time I was scheduled to start 8 weeks of ECT out of desperation to calm my body (Note: never make decisions out of desperation!). This change is ultimately why I left the UBC hospital. It didn’t feel right in my gut to proceed with such harsh treatment especially when I was experiencing progress without it.

Anyways, I think the antiviral is what settled things in my body a bit. I also saw a very talented Chinese medicine practitioner that I believe played a key role as well.

Other supportive treatments I continue include:

  • Chinese medicine and energy work
  • IV Vitamins and glutathione 
  • Retro Virus Treatment
  • Post Stem Cell & Genetic Support Supplements 
  • Osteopathy 
  • Psychological/Emotional Work
  • Diet/Dietician (a great connection from UBC who is aware of Lyme and mold toxicity and wants to help!)

And more recently micro specific frequency treatment for calming the body and treating my pain. I am not responding as quick as hoped, but hopefully it’s just going to take time to kick in. I’ve been having 2-3 appts per day for a week now and while I’ve had a lot of pain at times, my body has been a bit off, which usually happens with ANY treatment I do.

Early in October I have an appointment with the Women’s complex chronic disease centre in Vancouver (after a long 2 year wait!!) for what they call Chronic Lyme LIKE syndrome (lolol because saying Lyme disease is admitting to too much apparently). But at least they are recognizing it as a potential issue instead of straight up saying no. This is progress!  I’ve also agreed to do the surveys and participate in their misunderstanding of these chronic illnesses and hopefully help create a better understanding for future struggling patients. Again, I am so happy to hear they are trying to improve the health care around chronic illness and happy to help where I can.

Lastly, at the end of October I am back to California for treatment and blood stem cells! A couple week flare is expected from this treatment, but it shouldn’t be as intense/horrible and the original procedure, though with me anything is possible I am hoping for the best as ALWAYS. 🙏🙏🙏


That’s all for now folks. Thanks for the continuous love and support on my journey to wellness.


xoxo lex