I am a better person, because of LYME.

Straight up. No if’s and’s or but’s. It’s true.

I’ve found there are generally two groups of people with illness and in truth, I have been both throughout my journey.

To put it simply, there are ones who can see some good come from the experience and the ones that cannot.

Obviously on high pain days I’m not saying, “I’m so grateful for this astronomical pain!”

No, it’s not like that.

It’s the relationship that ended, because of illness, that I likely would have stayed in and been unhappy had I have not became seriously ill.

It’s the job that I lost, because of illness, that I likely would have stayed in and been unhappy had I have not become sick.

It’s the empathy and self-sanity— I mean, self-love and development skills I have learned (at an exponential rate), because of illness.

It’s the resilience and ability to stay true to myself and body’s needs over anybody else’s thoughts or beliefs, that I have gained, because of illness.

Every time I first shown up for myself, I am able to show up better for those in my life and we all win.

God, I tell you it’s hell some days and I cry and cry and cry, but every time I make it through one of these days, I come out on the other side, sometimes physically weaker, but mentally stronger and a little wiser.

I’m learning ALL the time, because of illness. I am my own student and teacher and I take no holidays. I am growing constantly and though it’s painful, I’m okay with becoming a better person every day. This undoubtedly helps me, but it also helps the lives of my family and relationships.

By taking care of me, I can show up better for them. By learning the hard way, I can share the lessons so they don’t have to.

Do you see?

Having lyme, illness, any other disease or near death experience can completely alter your view of life and though it’s one hell of a battle, I know Lyme has helped me and many others learn to live their most elevated lives.