Today I am going to share a bit about the company Elemar True Beauty. Lorina, one of the owners, has experienced health challenges herself and though we had a bond from when I was a little tike, we reconnected over recent years. 
We were both experimenting with healing diets and discovering the benefits of toxin-free beauty and cleaning products. She is here today to share the background behind her new venture and why it is so important to her. But first…

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Hey Lorina, the readers may not know so I must ask, where are you from?

Both Alisha and I were born and raised in the spectacular Kootenays.

Ooo spectacular, I agree, the Kootenays hold many hearts including ours! Is that where your products are made as well?

Yes! All our products are created in a facility in my home. Products that were created for my friends and family were originally done right out of my kitchen. As we started to manufacture more inventory it was necessary to build our own space, where there were no interruptions, or distractions and we can regulate a clean and sterile workspace. My partner renovated a space in the house that is set up to accommodate us completely.

Oh how wonderful. My parents thought they were getting a rec room, but when I moved back in with all my inventory and workshop… it’s safe to say that has been postponed as I have taken over haha. Thank goodness for family and friends when we are in startups! How did you come to hold an interest in clean beauty products, or have you always had one?

It has always been about the wellbeing of myself and the people I love. Whether it be a health issue or a skin condition I believe that God has provided us with an abundance of healing plants and oils which He intended for us to use. It started with my children, as something so simple: to find a solution to their problems using natural God-given ingredients, whether skin related or health related. My desire to solve these problems turned into a passion that I wanted to share with everyone that I loved, educating them on each ingredient that went into the final product that was created to help them. After several years of creating and formulating products out of my home, I decided to pursue it professionally and enrolled in the School of Natural Skincare and received a diploma for natural skincare formulation. With the understanding of the science behind combining high-performance natural ingredients to get the results desired we can create the skincare products our consumers want.

Finding the right ingredients that were “result-driven” took years of research and development. Testing only on family and friends, as well as researching clinical studies that reported the proven results.

My daughter Alisha joined me as a full partner shortly after I became Elemar True Beauty. She has spent the last 11 years as a pharmacy technician, so she brings a wealth of experience to the table. She has spent her career compounding creams, salves and lotions and her training on the importance of sterilizing your workspace is invaluable.

That is a wonderful fit and how nice to have a family run business. What are your goals with your products in terms of customer impact?

Our goal is to educate our consumer of the natural God-given ingredients that we use in our products. The quality and benefits of our products is a result of its ingredients. We only choose all-natural, raw, botanical ingredients and when available, we choose organic. We want our customers to know each ingredient and how it will benefit, repair, and maintain a healthy, youthful, glowing complexion. We inform our customers that choosing an all-natural skincare product means choosing a non-toxic product, without a long list of ingredients linked to harmful health effects.

Some of my favourite words you dropped in there… I love that the products contain such powerful and clean ingredients and also that they are artificial fragrance free. That is super important for me with Chemical Sensitivities. What are your goals with your products in terms of social impact?

As a company that dedicates itself to all-natural, we work hard every day to become “Greener”. As we go forward, we will continue to monitor our personal daily activities as well as our business practices always looking for alternatives that are better for our earth and its inhabitants. We have a responsibility to use our resources wisely and to protect them for ourselves and future generations. We will work hard to create the best skincare products out there, but we are forever mindful of our impact on the environment. It is our practice to use raw materials that are sourced in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner. We support sustainable, wholesome cultivation by purchasing natural and organic ingredients. We do our research and buy from local and small businesses, and companies that share our commitments.

What is the meaning behind your company name?

Our company name is based on my initials LMR (El-em-ar) and “True Beauty” comes from our belief that the true beauty of every woman comes from within and can be fully seen only when you are content with the person you are. We encourage women to embrace the life they were created to live, with confidence, live your best life, wherever you’re at, at any age.

I love that so much, at any age or even disability or circumstance or as well; live your best life. Love it. It’s also very aligned with my newest line, “Live Your most Elevated Life”.  I wrote a blog on how lyme made me a better person and the summary is very simple to that concept. Though health/life challenges are well, challenges, they can really adjust our view on life in a positive nature if we allow it to and I love that you appreciate that as well.
Thank you so much for sharing your story and clean beauty products with us, I know many love Elemar True Beauty products and many more will come to love them.



If you would like to contact Lorina or Alisha you may do so at or shop their products on their website.

LASTLY, if you would like to learn more about the importance of clean products, I recommend visiting when they share studies on how ingredients affect our bodies and they also have an amazing search engine I would urge you to look up some of your favourite products and see how they rank on the toxicity scale.

Many autoimmune diseases and cancers have been linked to specific chemicals in many common products and toxin accumulation in general and I CARE ABOUT YOU (so you should too;)

Kk. Call me Mom… but I say this out of love. Preach over. Good luck if you enter and please take care. I love you ♥️






The Chemical Disruption of Human Metabolism, By Dr Stephen Genuis “Recent evidence highlights the reality of unprecedented human exposure to toxic chemical agents found throughout our environment – in our food and water supply, in the air we breathe, in the products we apply to our skin” “Results: Toxicant exposure and accrual has been linked to numerous biochemical and pathophysiological mechanisms of harm.”

According to a new report from the President’s Cancer Panel, environmental toxins also play a significant and under-recognized role in cancer, causing “grievous harm” to untold numbers of people. Environmental Working Group’s own research has found that children are born “pre-polluted” with up to 200 industrial chemicals, pesticides and contaminants that have been found to cause cancer in lab studies or in people” EWG Research Team